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As a young Man you must know Answers to the following Questions !
  • What age can I drive ? 18+. With a valid Learner's Permit or a Licence 
  • What is the 'Age of Delinquency' ? 12 or under is considered a 'Minor'. No concession after this age for an offence
  • Is smoking an offence ? Yes, under 18 and at all Public Places under the new Prohibition of Smoking Law
  • Is smoking 'Shisha' an offence ? Surely it is, shisha is smoking and a cafe or Restaurant is a Public Place
  • Can I marry without my parents' consent ? 18+, Legally Yes, but we don't recommend it as it is against our social norms
  • Is dating an offence ? Driving or Dining out is not, but touching or even staring at a woman is, under the new Protection of Women Law
  • Is explicit Internet content an offence ? Yes, displaying or viewing it is, can get 6 months in Jail on conviction
  • What are the government rules for net-cafe ? No Cabins, No Underage, No explicit content, Close at 10 pm, No exceptions to this
  • How can I help the Police ? By Reporting a crime or a criminal at this website here or directly to your local Police Station
  • Can I complaint against the Police ? Yes, you may, but malicious & false complaint is an offence punishable under Law
  • Can I arrest a suspect or criminal under Law ? Yes, you may, and immediately inform Police, but not advisable as it may be risky for you
  • Is Domestic Violence an offence ? Yes, you must report it
  • Can teachers give Physical Punishment ? No, they can't, but we must learn to respect them like our own Parents
  • Can Police stop me and ask for my ID or Licence anytime ? Yes, they may, keep your ID, CNIC, Driving Licence & Ownership Proof of vehicle with you
  • What do I do if I am stopped by a Police ? Prove your ID
  • Should I report on-Campus offence to Police ? Yes, if it is serious, you must
  • How do I check that the Bike I want to purchase is genuine ? Go to the "Vehicle Theft" Tab
  • Is using a stolen bike an offence, even if I don't know it ? Yes, it is
  • Is one-wheeling an offence ? Yes, 6 months in Jail on conviction

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