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Some Wretched Might Tell You:

No Goldmines will ever be discovered in Sargodha . . . Trust Us ! Don't be greedy. Greed is a curse and history tells us that many have been cursed by this. Unfortunately, few of the Victims of Greed have ended up their fortunes in an area called "Pathankot", at the hands of a scattered settlement of Oadh (Gypsy) Community in a barren terrain near Sahiwal Town of Sargodha. These wreteched characters- Oadhs-  operate in a very smart way in mostly large Urban Centres of the Country. They work as labourers or street vendors and keep looking for their prey- "A Greedy Man".  When they find a greedy prey, they tell him that they had dicovered a box of Old Gold Coins, during excavation, while working as a labourer on some Project. As a token, they may offer a couple of genuine Gold Coins (as shown in the picture), as a proof their claim. The Drama starts. They offer him all of the Gold Coins they claim to have discovered at a throw-away price. Interesting !!! Isn't it. Like many Kilograms of Gold will be offered, for say, Rs. 2 Million Only. When the Victim agrees to come to a deserted place of their choice, victim is robbed, what else ! Mind you ! some of the victims were really educated people from business and middle-class. The anti-climax of this greed-deal has an associated flavor of embarrassment for the victim. What would the victim tell to his family and friends ? Most cases are, therefore, not reported to Police anywhere. Although, many of the culprits are arrested, Sargodha Police suspects that few might be still at large, hunting for a Greedy Man among us. 

 Be Smart ! Don't be a Victim of this Fraud ! Caution others as Well !!!  

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