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Beware of the Gang in Village Nabi Shah Bala, Bhalwal

Although the Nabi Shah Gang is partially smashed (see Top Story) and few of its members are arrested, others are still running, including the notorious ring-leader, Fazay Shah (see Most Wanted: Top 10). Sargodha Police is out, hunting for them. This Gang, in the last few months specially, was operating with impunity, in farm-houses in the suburbs of Bhalwal Town, mostly in the village Nabi Shah Bala. The gang was operating by publishing "Fake Advertisements in Newspapers of KPK" for Attractive Jobs, Investment Opportunities and Partnership in Internationally Sponsored Projects of Re-construction in the war-torn KPK Province. Middle Class people were lured into believing these opportunities by very attractive offers. They were called to Islamabad and then asked to come to Bhalwal via M-2 Motorway, on the pretext of finalisation of the deal and signing of papers etc. From here they were secretly escorted to the farm-houses, where Victims were robbed of their money, Millions of Rupees in most cases, on gunpoint, and moved out of Bhalwal. Being non-locals mostly, they would find it extremely difficult to trace back to the place where they were robbed.

Be Smart ! Don't be a Victim of this Fraud ! Caution others as Well !!!

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