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The Issue of Narcotics in Sargodha

Sargodha Police is aware of the fact that narco-pushing is a serious issue which has engulfed many lives and crippled many families. Police, therefore, carried out a comprehensive Intelligence Survey of Narcotics Peddlers in the district and launched an effective crackdown against them during the year 2012. More than 1638 narcotics pushers were arrested and 311 kg Heroin, 1200 kg Hashish, 11 kg Opium & 16279 liters alcohol was recovered. Narcotics mainly are transported from Peshawar (KPK) to Sargodha via Motorway or Mianwali-Sargodha Road. On 11.10.2012, Mela police intercepted a suspicious Vigo Dala at Bhabhra Chowk coming from Kotmomin interchange and recovered 496 kilogram Charas, 10 Kilogram heroin and 15 Kilogram Garda from various parts of vehicle and arrested a young peddler and a lady accomplice after encounter with drug traffickers of KPK in which a peddler Inayat Ullah Pathan was also killed.

            The fact that now the Narcotics Pushers in the street are using women and young children for narco-trafficking has added some complexity to the issue. However, Sargodha Police is ready to take on the challenge. If you see any drug-pushing around you, Click the link below to report a Narcotics Dealer in your area and let the District Police take care of the rest.


Click here to report a Narcotics Dealer





RPO Sargodha Says:
protection of life, property and prestige of citizens is the prime duty of police and we will ensure sincere efforts to control crime
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