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The 10 Most Important Unsolved Cases of Sargodha Police !
  1. Murder of Haji Zia Ullah Rajput in road robbery near village 02/NB. Phularwan. Two unidentified robbers shot dead Haji Zia Ullah over resistance on 11th Jun 2012 and took away motorcycle
  2. House robbery and murder of Mumtaz Gondal in Kotmomin:  On 6th July 2012, in the predawn hours, four unknown robbers killed Mumtaz and snatched away valuables from family.
  3. Jewellery Shop robbery in Bhera Bazar: Tow armed accused snatched away jewellery from the shop of Ashraf and fled on APF motorcycle 125.
  4. Lady murder near village 13/SB Kotmomin: On evening 9th August 2012, a lady Mehreen Akbar Bhatti, 27y, was shot dead when she refused to put off gold ornaments on robbers demand while on her way to home in a car.
  5. Murder of Jamshed and injury of Umar Farooq, Nusrat Bibi in Sahiwal: Two armed accused entered the house held the family hostage and shot dead Jamshed in the small hours on 6th September 2012.
  6. Death of a child in Hajka Sharif Bhera: A child, 10/11 year was killed in mysterious circumstances on 21st September 2012 and body was found from citrus orchard.
  7. Death of an old person at village 42/SB Kirana: An old person Muhammad Ishaq Gujjar was gunned down on midnight 2/3 December 2012 by unknown criminals who ran away on motorcycle
  8. Blind murder of Shameer Ali Panjhota in Village Sangraka, Sahiwal: on 5th July 2012, by unidentified culprits who shot dead victim for unknown motive.  
  9. Murder of store owner Zahoor Ahmed at Stadium Road:  Two unknown armed accused shot dead and fled the scene  on evening 4th October 2012.
  10. Theft of animals from the cattle farm of Ayub Khokhar of Noorpur Khokhran, Sahiwal: Five cattle heads were stolen by unknown thieves on night 17th September 2012.

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