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Buying a Vehicle ? Check it Online Here.

Don't get duped into buying a stolen, tampered or non-custom paid (ncp) vehicle. You might end up in Jail. If you have recently purchased a vehicle or you are planning to buy one, check it Online here first, in a few clicks. MTMIS, Government of the Punjab, offers a simple On-line Vehicle Verication for all Cars/ Motorbikes with computerised Registration Plates. Follow the following these simple steps: First, Click on the MTMIS Link below, it will take you to the  MTMIS Website. Second, Scroll down on the website. Finally, enter the desired Vehicle's Registration Number and you will get all the Information regarding its Make, Model, Color, Type, Chassis Number and even the Owner. Try it ! Its free . . . 

RPO Sargodha Says:
protection of life, property and prestige of citizens is the prime duty of police and we will ensure sincere efforts to control crime
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