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International Driving Licence

Note: All Driving Licence, Duplicates and Renewals are issued at the Counter of Driving Licence Branch, SSP Office Sargodha. There are no agents. If you have any complaints regarding licencing, Click & Report Here.


1. An attested copy of CNIC.
2. A copy of Valid Driving License issued from Licencing Branch Sargodha.
3. A copy of Pakistani Passport valid for Atleast 6 Months with Visa.
4. 2 attested photo graph (Passport Size)
5. Rs. 60 driving Ticket.

Note: I. Applicant will bring his original CNIC, Driving License and Passport with him.
 II. International Driving Licence will be issued with in 24 hours. 

RPO Sargodha Says:
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